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About the Company
SLVRCLD aims to be the premier source for household content claim quantifications and settlements to make insurance effortless and fair. Our services help insurers improve their overall loss-ratio while speeding-up the claim finalisation, promoting trust and loyalty with their customers. Our solution is offered on a Software as a Service ("SAAS") model accessible through our web portal (instant access which is ideal for pilots) or via our Enterprise API's. SLVRCLD forms part of the international expansion of the de facto content replacement platform in South Africa, through our sister company Thesl.
About Services
SLVRCLD automates content claim quantifications and settlements, enabling insurers to process claims quickly and efficiently, through augmented or robotic processes, resulting in a lower total claim spend and better claim experience, thereby promoting trust. We are able to do this as we have build-up a large dataset by analysing millions of content claims to accurately identify the claimed item, through machine learning determine the correct replacements and then quantify them from normalised supplier quotes. The claim can then be settled via the most appropriate method such as a voucher, pre-paid filtered debit card, purchase order or cash-in-lieu. Insurers empower their clients by building the functionality directly into their digital FNOL process or breaking-out to a self-help portal. Insurer's can also have policyholder's build-up a household content catalogue ensuring that their clients are sufficiently insured, speed up the claim process even further and prevent fraud during the claim process. #goodbyemanualcontentclaims

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