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Fintech Aera
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Fintech Aera, takes the protection of your privacy very seriously.

This Privacy Statement applies to all personal data collected and used by Fintech Aera and its subsidiaries and affiliates. The data in question is customer data as provided by you but also for example data on visits to our website, sign-ups for our newsletters, your attendance during our events or events of our partners and participation in campaigns or promotions. 

Please be informed that in case you have subscribed for multiple services of Fintech Aera, your details such as name, email address and telephone number can be combined by Fintech Aera.

Fintech Aera will only use your data if you give your consent or if Fintech Aera needs your data to deliver (or has delivered) products or services to you. Fintech Aera will not sell your personal data to third parties.

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Version October 2020

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