Year founded
Company Size
1-10 employees
Holland FinTech Member
Primary Customer
Trading/Asset Management
Focus Industries
Capital Markets Crowdfunding Cryptocurrency services Financial Intermediary Investors Securities Exchange Security services Startups Technology solutions
Primary Countries
Active in Regions
About the Company
Brickken is an investment oriented company that allows investors to invest in real estate, art, IP and scarce and valuable assets with minimum capital. Through the digitization of assets into smaller pieces called tokens, Brickken opens up illiquid markets, traditionally only available to institutional investors, to everyone in the world. Brickken is the bridge between investors and global real-world assets, opening a whole new world of investment opportunities. Markets are dominated by institutional players, which limit access to retail investors who have capital to deploy and who can become alternative financing schemes.
About Services
Our comprehensive solutions allows digitization and tokenization of assets like real estate, equity, and other illiquid investment offerings, which allow retail investors to buy and sell the representing tokens in markets that are open 24/7, making our platform a tool for alternative financing schemes, and for investors to generate new forms of revenue. Furthermore, we have an API, so third parties can integrate our technology in their applications and make use of our proven technology.

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